Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Chiappe "Immediately Said Yes" to Title Fight With Davis

By KOTC Staff (from 07/25/2010)

These are crucially important times in the fighting career of Ryan Chiappe, and the Revolution fighter would have it no other way. The former Prince George resident not only laid claim to the King of the Cage Canadian Middleweight Championship last November, by tapping out Jason Volpe in the first round, but Chiappe recently decided to drop down to welterweight where he believes he is a better suited to compete. Despite the transition, however, Chiappe will continue to fight at a championship level, as the fighter will face Garett Davis for the Canadian welterweight championship, July 30th in Edmonton.

“I had a little suspicion that if I was to fight for the 170lb. belt I might end up fighting Garett,” said Chiappe about this Friday’s bout, which will take place in Edmonton’s historic Rexall Place. “I was reading one of your articles and I read that Garett had asked for a title shot. I was hoping that a fight with Gary Wright would come to the forefront; I’m under the impression that he vacated the title, so when they said Garett Davis I immediately said yes. I feel like I’m at the stage now where I can fight anyone at my weight in Canada.”

While Chiappe continued to rise up the Canadian rankings in 2009 by putting together a record of 3-1 (with the one loss coming via Disqualification due to an inadvertent eye poke against Volpe last July), Davis returned to competition earlier this year, after going approximately 17 months without fighting. Not only is Chiappe aware of his next opponent’s more recent accomplishment, back-to-back wins over Nolan Clark and Shannon Ritch, he is also keenly aware of Davis’s extensive record in the sport.

“I’m definitely familiar with Garett for sure,” said Chiappe. “I train with a couple of his former training partners and I remember seeing him on posters, for Elite I think it was. Back when I started training I remember seeing him fight on TV, on Hardcore Fighting Championships, I think the Elite shows were also on TV, so I’m definitely aware of him as a fighter.”

“I know he’s been around the game for a long time,” Chiappe added. “I think he’s been fighting since around 2000 and he’s fought a lot of high quality guys. He’s fought guys like Jamie Varner, Mark Bocek; world class talent, so I’m definitely looking forward to the fight for sure. He’s probably my toughest test to date in terms of experience.”

It will be interesting to see what kind of game plan each man employs come July 30th, as while Chiappe has forged a reputation for possessing a punishing ground game, Davis is also a respected and accomplished grappler.

“Obviously I know he’s a good ground fighter,” said Chiappe while discussing strategy for the fight. “I’ve heard he has a good top game and I also know he’s been boxing with Tony Pep as well. So I’m expecting him to be pretty well rounded, and I know the ground is probably his speciality, but I’m really going to be ready for anything.”

“I’m always pretty confident in my takedowns,” Chiappe noted when asked about the wrestling component to the fight. “I’m also in really good shape, and although I’ve lost a little bit of weight, I feel even more explosive now. I’m not carrying the extra weight. I’ve really worked a lot of stand-up for this fight, so, the takedown is always going to be there for me. I know people think I’m always going to look for the takedown, and in my fights I know it’s definitely been kind of a pattern, but I’m open to showcasing some of my other skills this fight.”