Monday, February 28, 2011

Brawl at the Mall 4 Update: Allan Hope Replaces Dan Shenk

By KOTC Staff

King of the Cage Canada has announced that veteran Allan Hope will replace Dan Shenk, at the promotion’s upcoming March 18th “Brawl at the Mall 4” in Edmonton, Alberta. Shenk had been scheduled to face middleweight Kris Miskenack. (Pictured: Hope)

Since Hope began competing professionaly in 2008, he has scored stoppage wins over Trent Thorne, Cody Krahn and Kyle McKee. Hope hasn't competed since KOTC's "Combustion" card last May, when he was unable to continue into the second round versus Brad Stewart, due to a cut.

Brawl at the Mall 4 will be hosted by the Edmonton Event Centre and will feature two title fights, as flyweight champion Clay Sheen will take on challenger Ryan Knysh, and Troy Sorenson will battle Chad Freeman for the lightweight belt.

Tickets for the upcoming event are available through or at the Wild West Shooting Centre.

Some of the other bouts scheduled for the card include Tim Jefferys vs. Patrick Besarra,
Marco Guerette, vs. Jayson Peck, J.J. Daoust vs. Matt Knysh, Kodie Bird vs. Nick Smith, and Chad Olmstead vs. Terry Robertson.