Monday, July 11, 2011

Garett Davis Willing to Fight All Comers, Ready for July 16th

By KOTC Staff

Although Canadian Welterweight Champion Garett Davis will be in action this Saturday at King of the Cage’s upcoming, July 16th “Brawl in the Mall 5” event in Edmonton, Alberta, the veteran fighter’s belt won’t be on the line. As KOTC matchmaker Orest Zmyndak recently stated, finding Davis a Canadian opponent to challenge the fighter for his title has been tough going, and as a result, the Vancouver resident will face American Danny Davis.

“I guess it’s a bit of a compliment you know, that some of these guys don’t want to fight,” said Davis, when asked how he felt about the fact that for the second time in 2011, he will not be defending his Canadian championship. “At the same time I’m kind of ticked off with guys agreeing to fight and then pulling’s really frustrating; to get a chance at a title and to not take it? It’s ridiculous.”

Recently KOTC has spoken with both Jarid Bussemaker and Jordan McKay, who each expressed interest in fighting Davis if they’re given an opportunity sometime in the near future.

“If Jordan or Jarid want to fight for the belt, no problem,” said Davis. “I’ll fight anyone, anywhere, anytime; simple as that. I may have to move to 55 and start working for that belt if no welterweights step up. We’ll see.”

In the meantime, however, Davis will take on Las Vegas fighter Danny Davis, a bout that Zmyndak believes will deliver excitement for the fans in attendance at the Edmonton Event Centre Saturday night.

“I checked him out,” Davis said. “I think he’s on Frank Mir’s team from what I saw. He did pretty well in Muay Thai and then got into MMA. Has a record of 5-4-1 and now he’s fighting me.”

“I think it’s pretty basic what this fight will come down to,” said Davis, an experienced jiu-jitsu practitioner. “His striking is going to be better than mine and my jiu-jitsu is going to be better than his. So it comes down to wrestling. Is he going to be able to stop my takedown? So I’ve been working a lot of wrestling.”

While Davis didn’t head out to the famous Tristar Gym in Montreal for this camp, as he has before, the 15-11 fighter reports that he did utilize some new training partners and techniques to prepare for the July 16th bout.

“I have a secret for who’s been helping me with my Muay Thai and wrestling,” Davis noted. “I will say they’re top of the top for sure.”

“I’ve been doing most of my training locally in Vancouver,” the 34 year-old-vet added. “I’ve been having a hard time finding sponsors so at the same time I’ve been digging ditches. Doing whatever I need to do to survive. I’ve been training every day though and that’s what’s most important.”

In contrast to 2010, where Davis had already competed three times by July 30th, the welterweight champion will be fighting for just the second time this year when he faces Davis Saturday. In April, at KOTC’s “Mile Zero” event in Dawson Creek, the Canadian tapped out American veteran Gabe Rivas with a second round, armbar.

“I just want to fight,” said Davis, while discussing his goals for the remainder of 2011. “Obviously I’d like to defend my belt, but I don’t really care, as long as I get to get in the cage and put on a show. I’m also probably one of the smallest welterweights in the game, so like I said, maybe I’ll drop to lightweight after this fight. I don’t know.”