Saturday, August 13, 2011

Jon Ganshorn Excited for KOTC Return, Confident Heading into Sept. 17th Bout

By KOTC Staff

Jon Ganshorn will look to extend his King of the Cage Canada record to 3-0 next month when he faces Zach Blaber in Yellowknife on September 17th, and the 31 year-old light-heavyweight sounds excited to be returning to the promotion that gave him his professional debut.

“Returning to KOTC Canada is always a pleasure,” said Ganshorn, who earned victories over Alex Mohgrabi and Bobby Kalmakoff while fighting for the promotion in 2010. “They have always treated me great, and it’s always a positive experience working with them. They will always have my support because honestly they helped me in making a dream a reality.”

Ganshorn (4-2) will not only be looking to be the first man to defeat Blaber (5-2) since 2009, he’ll be trying to put an end to the 29 year-old-fighter’s four fight winning streak.

“I've heard a few things about Zach, mostly how strong, and aggressive he is,” said Ganshorn, who works as an electrician and control specialist with Great Western Brewery in Saskatoon. “Nothing really concerns me about him. I've trained with so many people, and a large amount of people stronger and bigger. It’s all the same. I'm just looking to fight good guys right now; to really see where I stack up. I'm glad I have the opportunity to fight him. The boys say he is a great guy, he also was cheering for me when I filled in for him when he was supposed to fight Tim Chemelli. So that says something I guess about the fellow!”

Ganshorn will be looking to rebound from a defeat that he suffered at the hands of KOTC vet Nick Penner, who stopped him in the fourth round while competing on a Bully Fight Night event.

“My biggest lessons come off my losses,” said Ganshorn, who will. “When I fought Penner, I underestimated his control on the ground, and how strong he was. My biggest thing I took off that fight was now knowing how much punishment I can take now, and still keep moving forward. I knew I had cardio, but didn't know how far I could take things. He was for sure the better man that day, but I knew I at least deserved to be in that same fish pool, which to me is huge. Cause Penner is no joke, and from the information I know, I'm now by far his longest match, and we were both licking our wounds pretty heavy in the locker room after while having a laugh.”

In addition to his aforementioned victories over Mohgrabi and Kalmakoff, Ganshorn has defeated Don Sather and Duane Mombourquette since he last competed for KOTC.

“My biggest strength I would say is my mindset,” said Ganshorn while discussing his strengths and weaknesses. “I know exactly where and when I need to do something, winning or losing, I always know how to stay calm and think.  Biggest weakness I would say is constantly worrying about how scarred up my handsome face is gonna get!  Although thanks to Mr.Penner I have a pretty bad ass scar the chicks seem to dig!”

Although Ganshorn did not make his pro MMA debut until KOTC Canada’s “Lock Down” event last July, the light-heavyweight reports that he’s been involved in martial arts and combative sports for over a decade.

“I started learning BJJ when I was 19. I always had a competitive drive in me,” said Ganshorn. “I wrestled as a kid, and throughout high school. I always loved martial arts, but what got me hooked on MMA was when I saw the first UFC when I was 14 I think. I was 19 before I found my first BJJ club in Regina, and it took over my life; I felt it was what I was supposed to do.  I've been with the sport the whole time if you use the UFC kind of as the birth per say.”

“I decided after many people supporting me that I should try being a pro,” Ganshorn added. “I was always leery up until that point because the fish pool ten years ago was extremely small;  the guys looking at being pro were guys like Denis Kang, and Victor Valimaki, both who I knew and rolled with back in the day and practically murdered me "hahaha". So it was a long decision in the making, but by far one of the best of my life. I've trained all over western Canada at various places, but my roots are being set with the boys of Outlaw MMA in Saskatoon, and Tap Out/Fight academy in Los Angeles when I get the opportunity to go. That’s my family.”

While Ganshorn is focused on his upcoming bout with Blaber, he’s keeping an open mind as to what lies next in his future.

“I'm keeping everything open right now,” said Ganshorn. "I'll have a new born baby girl waiting for me after this fight, and want to see what happens with the life change. I also want to focus on some new things such as different techniques, helping some of our amateurs mature with the sport as well as. I have an interest with the official side of things. Reffing or looking into being a part of the commission or business side could be routes I'm willing to look at someday; anything to promote the sport in a positive manner.”

And Ganshorn’s call on his upcoming tilt?

“Predictions on the fight... I'll let my fists answer that one September 17th.”