Friday, October 14, 2011

Ryan Fortin On KOTC Canadian HW Title: “I Want It Bad”

By KOTC Staff

After taking out fellow heavyweight Logan Jarrell and more recently, MMA legend Dan Severn, Ryan Fortin has worked his into the fight that he wanted, a title bout with KOTC Canadian Champion Raphael Bergmann. The 26 year-old, Wetaskiwin fighter will look to secure the heavyweight belt around his waist on Friday, October 28th, when he takes on Bergmann at KOTC Canada’s “Gold Mine” card in Dawson Creek.

“This is something I have dreamed about and worked very hard for but was having trouble getting there,” said Fortin, who is planning to relocate to Fort Saint John to continue his MMA training as well as his career with Precision Drilling. “I met my manager in 2010 and he told me he could get me a shot at the belt if I really wanted, so when he called and told me it would be this soon, I was very excited.”

Fortin made his KOTC debut in April, and went on to stop the aforementioned Severn in the third round, to extend his pro record to 5-3.

“It was a great honour to be in the cage with such a respected athlete in the mixed martial arts world and it was a great victory for me,” Fortin said while reflecting on his win over Severn. “I hope that this opened a few eyes. It is my biggest win.”

While Bergmann may not be a MMA household name yet, like the 100 fight plus vet Severn, the Canadian heavyweight champ has scored victories over established fighters like Jared Kilkenny and Adriano Bernardo.

“I hear he is a strong stand up fighter,” said Fortin while discussing Bergmann. “I don't know much more about him; I haven't been able to watch or learn anything about him so I just have to make sure I’m complete when the cage door closes and I am not taking him lightly by any means.”

“I’m not sure how to answer this question as I feel I’m a well rounded for a fight like this and I continue to evolve my game,” Fortin added when asked what concerns him the most about the champion’s abilities. “I work on every part of MMA and my trainers are changing it up all the time. These fights you have to take serious; never under estimate your opponent, respect them and hope that they have worked as hard as you have and that the show will be what the crowd wants to see. It’s not only me that wants it to be a great match but the crowd will want to see a great fight as well.”

Of Fortin’s five pro wins, three have come via TKO or knockout, while the other two have stemmed from the heavyweight’s submission skills.

“I feel that I move very well for such a big guy and I hope that my training brings out the very best I have to offer,” said Fortin, who is listed at 260 pounds. “Every time I come to train here in Fort Saint John I let more out and find out more about myself; that makes me feel like I’m evolving more each time.”

To prepare for Bergmann, Fortin continues to train under the watchful eye of Jody Mather and Darrel Marsh Jr.

“Dragon MMA is my home gym and my trainers Jody Mather and Darrel Marsh JR work very hard to bring out the best in their athletes,” Fortin noted. “They have a lot of talent here in a small town in the middle of nowhere, so that is why I’m here. They are great managers as well and they seem to work more for us than I have heard from anyone else. It’s like family; it’s a great feeling.”

And as far as Fortin’s prediction for his upcoming bout with Bergmann?

“I hope that he has been training hard and that he brings his complete game, cause I’m working hard for this and I want it bad.”

The October 28th “Gold Mine” card will be hosted by Dawson Creek’s Encana Events Centre.