Friday, November 18, 2011

Weigh-In Results for KOTC "Obsession"

By KOTC Staff

Here are the official weigh-in results for King of the Cage Canada’s “Obsession” event, which will be hosted by Edmonton’s Mirage Banquet Hall.

The card will feature Canadian middleweight champ Elmer Waterhen taking on American vet Joe Cronin in the main event. 

185lbs- Joe Cronin (183.8) vs. Elmer Waterhen (188.0)
145lbs- Jeff St.Pierre (143.4) vs. Nolan Nelson (145.2)
135lbs- Evan Cardinal (133.2) vs. James McGrath (128.6)
195lbs- Simon Shirt (186.2) vs. Greg Large (200.0)
170lbs- Spencer Jebb (168.8) vs. Adrian Cardinal (168.2)
190lbs- Chris Lauzon (188.4) vs. Ryan Disher (194.4)
170lbs- Danny Simms (178.6) vs. Cody Ries (166.6)
185lbs- Reno Jackson (200.6) vs. Larry Halfe (184.8)