Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Steve Dubeck on Bout With Cameron Loutitt: “He’s Gotta Worry About Me And What I Bring”

When Steve Dubeck heads to Edmonton next month to fight at King of the Cage Canada’s “Stand and Deliver” card on November 16th, the Bowman’s MMA fighter will do so with momentum on his side. After losing his first three professional bouts Dubeck has gone 3-1 since, and the Fort McMurray fighter credits his recent success to more than just an evolving skill set.

“Honestly man, as odd as this might sound, having a kid puts a lot of things into perspective,” said the 27 year-old Dubeck, who also works fulltime as a millwright. “If you’re going to work for somebody it just gives you a different drive. I always use my daughter for a lot motivation in all of my fights. It just changed in that way; staying more positive, staying more focused on certain goals I’m trying to achieve. That’s worked out quite well for me.”

Dubeck began fighting professionally in 2007, not longer after he began training seriously in the sport.

“How I got involved is that in Fort McMurray everyone’s kind of got that tough guy mentality,” Dubeck relayed. “I did some martial arts as a kid, but nothing really steady that I stayed with, and really, just again that tough guy mentality, I got right into it.”

“I wasn’t training with Sandy (Bowman) and kind of got thrown in blind,” Dubeck furthered. “I didn’t do so well in the fight but it just made me totally fall in love with the sport. I got a real eye opener as far as what it takes to be in there and to be successful...I started training full time and I’ve been doing pretty good with that since.”

While Dubeck has been winning more regularly as of late, he’s also been competing at a much lower weight than when he started.

“I started out as a 205-er,” the welterweight said. “I wasn’t a 205 fighter; I was just a heavier guy. I had a different job and a totally different lifestyle. As I got more into it, I got more athletic and lived a more healthy lifestyle and now I walk around at 185. 170 is a perfect weight for me.”

Since Dubeck was stopped by former “Ultimate Fighter” competitor Ryan McGillivray, he’s scored victories over Curtis Poulin, Dave Logan and most recently Chris Lauzon. The welterweight’s success story is just one of the latest to come out of the renowned Boman’s MMA gym.

“I really feel like when fights get lined up, everyone will hear a name and they’ll say okay, but then they’ll look into and what we’re really about,” Dubeck said, while discussing the growing reputation of the gym. “Bowman’s guys are tough man. Everyone’s there and everyone has a goal and that’s to win. It shows in the way we train. I’ve definitely noticed that a wider group of people know who we are and where we come from.”

Dubeck will look to continue his winning ways on November 16th, at Edmonton’s Mirage Banquet, when he takes on Cameron Loutitt.

“Honestly, my last four or five fights I’ve just given up on that,” said Dubeck, when asked if he’s done any research about Loutitt. “I think we all know the local scene and guys are dropping fights like steady, or they’re in or out all the time. I used to focus on particular guys and who I was fighting and that didn’t really work out for me. Now I hear a name and I say okay.”

“I don’t really care who it is,” Dubeck added. “I don’t know anything about him and I like to keep it that way. He’s got to worry about me and what I bring. I’m not too concerned about the other guy.”

Tickets for “Stand and Deliver” can be purchased by heading to ClubZone.com or at the Wild West Shooting Centre.

Photo via MMANewsCanada.com