Saturday, September 11, 2010

Chris Kizuik “Ready to Go” Versus Shannon Ritch

Chris Kizuik is off to a winning start in his young, fighting career, and on September 18th he's hoping to announce his presence to the wider MMA world, with a win over 100 fights plus veteran, Shannon “The Cannon” Ritch.

“Initial reaction was "yes!"” said Kizuik, when asked for his reaction upon finding out he would fight one of the sport’s most experienced fighters, at King of the Cage Canada’s upcoming September 18th event in Cold Lake, Alberta. “I'm always game for a fight and really think this one will put me on the radar. I've definitely heard of Shannon before this, never followed him as a fighter but checked out his resume and he has fought alot of dudes.”

Indeed, Ritch has already fought more times in 2010 than Kizuik has in his entire, pro career to date, which has seen the 25 year-old fighter earn back-to-back submissions wins over Michael Jerace and Jeremiah Simonar, in May and July respectively.

“I would say that's no news to me, this is just another fight and I will do what I have to do to win,” Kizuik said, while discussing the fact that some observers will have Ritch as the favorite, due to the vast discrepancy in fighting experience between the two. “I'm not concerned about records.”

“Shannon seems to be pretty game for a fight anytime, and there's always danger when you deal with guys like that,” Kizuik added, when asked to assess the abilities of Ritch, who has earned most of his victories via first round submission. “The experience factor puts me as an underdog but I've been training hard, working alot of areas to become more rounded, I'm ready to go.”

Despite having only trained at Gracie Barra Fort McMurray for “just over one year”, Kizuik has already turned pro and earned two aforementioned wins. Although the relative newcomer has had some successes early on, the land surveyor by trade is taking his MMA career day-by-day.

“I would say first fight was a good start to my career and I feel like I've only been improving since,” said Kizuik before adding. “I'm going to keep fighting and training like I have been and see what happens.”

And as far as prediction for his upcoming bout with “The Cannon”?

“I don't like to make predictions, I have a game plan and my goal is to execute it.”

KOTC Canada’s September 18th, “Sentinel” event, will be hosted by Cold Lake’s Energy Centre