Tuesday, June 21, 2011

After Year Plus Absence from Fighting, Jarid Bussemakers Can’t Wait for July 16th

By KOTC Staff

It’s not for a lack of wishing, training or signing bout agreements, but approximately fifteen months have gone by now since Edmonton’s Jarid “Da Tappa” Bussemakers last fought in the cage. In fact, if you had told Bussemakers after he stopped MMA pioneer Shannon “The Cannon” last March that he would not fight again until July, 2011, the 25 year-old-fighter would have likely told you that you were out of your mind.

“I was supposed to have fought a few times now,” said Bussemakers, while discussing his recent woes. “It just seems like some of them bail on me after I’ve trained so hard; definitely leaves a sour taste in my mouth for the whole thing since I’ve put so much effort into it. It just seems like they bail every single time.”

Furthering Bussemakers frustration is the fact that he’s been unable to move on what was his biggest win to date, when he defeated the aforementioned Ritch at King of the Cage Canada’s “Thunderstruck 2” event last spring. Prior to that victory, Bussemaker’s last win came in July, 2009, when he submitted another KOTC vet in Marcus Hicks.

“It’s been driving me crazy man,” Bussemakers added. “I can’t handle it, but supposedly this guy is more than willing to fight so; we’re about a month away and I just really hope that he goes through with it. I’ve been training so hard for it so if he bails after all this...I’ve been working twelve hour days and then going to the gym, so, to have someone else drop out on me would be pretty rough.”

The “guy” Bussemakers is referring to is middleweight Kris Miskenack, who is scheduled to fight Bussemakers at KOTC Canada’s upcoming, July 16th “Brawl at the Mall 5” event in Edmonton, Alberta.

“I’ve seen a couple of YouTube videos,” said Bussemakers when asked what he knows about Miskenack, who holds wins over Jay Tymchuk, Jason Rorick and most recently Mariusz Zastawny. “He tries to do some cool kicks and stuff so I was pretty excited about it. Hopefully it will be a break dancing, fighting battle because he throws all these crazy kicks and I’ll do the same. I fight for the highlight reel so hopefully this makes a few highlight reels.”

“I feel like standing up he could probably test me,” the experienced grappler added. “But if it goes to the ground it will probably be pretty one sided on my part.”

Although Bussemakers has only fought twice since 2008, the Red Dragon MMA athlete believes he’s improved dramatically as a fighter during that time, and cautions those who may overlook him because of his 4-2 record.

“I think it would be ridiculous if anyone underestimated me. I think I’m one of the top guys around here,” Bussemakers noted. “I’ve trained with everybody.”

While Bussemakers will challenge Miskenack at 185lbs., the KOTC vet understands that his body’s frame is likely more suited for competition in the welterweight division.

“I’d rather go for the 170 belt first,” said Bussemakers, who has been working as a mover while he prepares for “Brawl at the Mall 5”. “I’m pretty light for 185. When I was supposed to fight last I was supposed to fight at 170 and I ended up weighing in at 167 after drinking a Gatorade and a bottle of water. So it’s not hard for me to make 170, but for this one I’m just going in eating like I normally do and having fun with it.”

“I wouldn’t mind a shot at (Garett) Davis if I get another win here,” Bussemakers added while referring to the promotion’s Canadian welterweight champ. “I just have to get past Kris.”

The July 16th “Brawl at the Mall 5” card will be hosted by the Edmonton Events Centre in West Edmonton, Mall.

Tickets are available through Clubzone.com or at the Wild West Shooting Centre.