Monday, June 13, 2011

Line-Up for “Brawl in the Mall 5” Released

By KOTC Staff

King of the Cage Canada has released the line-up to date for the promotion’s upcoming July 16th event in Edmonton, Alberta. “Brawl in the Mall 5” will be hosted by the Edmonton Events Centre in the city’s famous West Edmonton Mall, and will include Elmer Waterhen challenging Brad Stewart (pictured) for the vacant Canadian middleweight title.

 Brawl in the Mall 5

KOTC Canadian Middleweight Title
Elmer Waterhen 10-11 vs. Brad Stewart 4-1

Garett Davis 15-11 vs. Danny Davis 5-4-1
Jarid Bussemakers 4-2 vs. Kris Miskenack 3-2
Nick Campbell 1-0 vs. Jon Ganshorn 4-1
Troy Sorensen 4-3 vs. T.J. Klassen 1-1
Nick Hrynchyshyn 2-2 vs. Cameron loutitt 1-1
Behrang Yousefi 1-0 vs. Nick Smith 2-0
T.J. Penner 1-1 vs. Shawn Detillieaux 1-0
Neal Anderson 1-2 vs. Matt Whitten 1-0
Mark Drummond 1-1 vs. Chris Lauzon 0-0
Travis Pigeon 0-2 vs. James McGrath 0-0
Greg Large 0-1 vs. Ryan Steckl 0-0
Todd Molineaux 0-2 vs. Mitch Matechuk 0-0