Friday, March 15, 2013

Dillan Main And Kyle Fairweather “Nervous” But “Excited” To Make Debuts At KOTC “Monster Smash”

Dillan Main
While King of the Cage’s upcoming “Monster Smash” event will feature accomplished vets like welterweight champ Elmer Waterhen and former champ Garett Davis in action, the card will also see up-and-coming talent like Kyle Fairweather and Dillan Main compete for the very first time. Although each man has been training in martial arts for several years and honing their skills, both concede that they’re a little nervous about making their amateur debuts on April 5th.

“Well with all the young guys in MMA, I thought that it was time to test myself and I called Ken (Kupsch) and chatted with him for a while about my skill sets,” said the 21 year-old Main, who works as a service tech in Drayton Valley when he’s not training. “He said he can help me out; I have quite a bit of competition experience. I am little nervous but mostly excited; I just want to have fun. I love fighting; I love competition, and I love martial arts. There is no way I won't have fun, even with a loss; in losing you become so much stronger in the end.”

“I feel I’ve been ready to fight for awhile, but this year is the first time I’ve been in one place long enough to do a proper training camp,” noted the 27 year-old and Edmonton resident Fairweather, who was a Corporal with the First Battalion of Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry for six years. “I’m a little nervous but very excited.”

Although Main is several years younger than Fairweather, the welterweight has been training for some time, and like many fighters, he has found strength as well as comfort through the martial arts.

“I got involved with martial arts when I was eleven,” Main relayed. “What I love about training and doing MMA is the companions you meet along the way; the challenges you must face and overcome, and it brings me to a place where my mind is not thinking about the loved ones I have lost, and the loved ones I will lose. It's a way of finding peace with myself.”

“I train in a number of places,” Main added. “Hayabusa in Edmonton is one of them and SBGI (Straight Blast Gym International) is another here in Drayton. I travel to Edmonton twice a week, sometimes three if I can afford it. I also train at CrossFit.”

Fairweather came to MMA shortly before he left the Canadian Military, which he believes helped provide the foundation for his fighting endeavours.

“Being in the military I think gave me the discipline needed to be successful in MMA,” said Fairweather. “I first got involved in MMA about 3 years ago and I’m currently training at Kamikaze Punishment.”

“I was going to register as well at a point in my life, but decided not to because it would take me too far away from the love of my life,” Main noted about the military experience of his upcoming opponent. "I have a lot of respect for Kyle. I hope he does well and fights at his best because I won't settle for less than exactly that.”

While Main “would rather not talk about my fighting skill sets; I would rather show everyone,” Fairweather believes his training has prepared him well in all areas of mixed-martial-arts.

“I think I have trained fairly equal in all aspects of MMA,” Fairweather said, while discussing the upcoming bout, which will be hosted by Edmonton’s Mirage Banquet Hall. “I’ll be comfortable where ever this fight goes.”

And how does each man see the fight unfolding?

“I think that this fight is going to be exciting and a challenge,” predicted Main. “I hope everyone coming to watch this fight will enjoy it.”

“My prediction for the fight?” Fairweather stated. “My hand being raised at the end!”

The April 5th, “Monster Smash” card will be headlined by a welterweight bout between champion Elmer Waterhen and former champion Garett Davis.

Tickets for the event can be purchased at the Wild West Shooting Centre or via