Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Ian Asham and Tom Benesocky Predict First Round Finish to Their “Monster Smash” Bout

King of the Cage Canada’s upcoming “Monster Smash” card in Edmonton, Alberta will not only feature several notable veterans and up-and-coming fighters in action, but fights in several different weight classes. For example, one of the bouts will see Ian Asham battle Tom Benesocky at super-heavyweight, and in keeping with what most people expect to happen when two men of that size step into the cage, neither is predicting a long, drawn out war.

“I think it will be a KO in the first round,” said the 42 year-old and Drayton Valley resident Asham, who works as a equipment operator and truck driver.

“I predict a short fight,” noted Benesocky, who lives just outside of Slave Lake, works for Walmart and will turn 41 two days after the April 5th fight. “If Ian stands with me he will be standing with a hard headed, hard hitting opponent. If we end up on the ground he will be fighting an opponent with a solid ground game. My prediction is a TKO win for me at 3:24 seconds of the first round.”

Although both men predict that the bout won’t make it out of the opening round, both Asham and Benesocky believe their determination, as well as their skills, are the keys to their success.

“I'm just a brawler,” said Asham. “My best skill is the fact that because of my size people don't expect a lot out of me...I don't know much about Tom other than we had fought most of the same guys. I think I will have the advantage standing.”

“I would say I'm well rounded, meaning equal in skills whether fighting stand up or on the ground,” added Benesocky. “I hit hard, have solid submissions and have never been knocked down or out. My best asset is my will. Unless locked up solid I will not give up for any reason.”

“I know Ian is a big guy and we shook hands once and he wished me good luck,” furthered Benesocky, who also invited Asham to have a beer with him after the bout. “I believe my advantage is my will to win and his will break first.”

The upcoming fight will also mark the first time both Asham and Benesocky have fought in several years. Asham will be returning to the cage for the first time since June, 2009, while Benesocky hasn’t fought since November, 2010.

“I missed the competition and I had been looking for a fight where a couple of them had fell through,” noted Asham, while discussing his break from fighting. “Then KOTC offered me a fight so I talked to some friends and decided to take the fight. Not much is different but the people around me.”

“I believe my head is for business, my heart is for my family, my back is for work and my hands are for forging a legacy for my kids and their kids one day,” Benesocky said. “Fighting in the KOTC is an avenue to do just that and I will ferociously work towards building that legacy brick by brick or punch by punch.”

In fact, the last man Benesocky fought was none other than MMA legend Dan Severn, who tapped him out with a first round, arm-triangle-choke at KOTC Canada’s 48th event.

“Fighting Dan Severn was a great experience. He was the toughest fight I may ever get and it was an honour to lose to him,” Benesocky said about Severn, who also submitted Asham in a 2008 bout.

“Two takeaways from that fight was you can't make any mistakes against a veteran fighter and you can be a legend in the sport and still be respectful which Dan was from the weigh ins to the post fight interview,” Benesocky added. “Although your enemies for a few minutes even enemies can have respect.”

The April 5th, “Monster Smash” card will be headlined by a welterweight bout between champion Elmer Waterhen and former champion Garett Davis, and will be hosted by Edmonton’s Mirage Banquet Hall.

Tickets for the event can be purchased at the Wild West Shooting Centre or via Clubzone.com.