Monday, April 1, 2013

Heading Into Rematch With Garett Davis, Elmer Waterhen Says “My Gameplan Always Stays the Same...Outstrike The Guy”

Although Elmer Waterhen is coming off a 2012 campaign where he added not one, but two King of the Cage Canadian titles to his resume, the middleweight and welterweight champ remains as soft spoken as ever. Despite his previous win over Garett Davis in November, which ended the veteran’s reign as the Canadian 170 pound champ, Waterhen isn’t about to change his complimentary tune heading into their rematch.

“I have the utmost respect for him like I say,” said Waterhen about Davis, who he will battle once again at KOTC Canada’s “Monster Smash” event this Friday in Edmonton. “He should be in the UFC. He just wasn’t on his gameplan that night and he didn’t have an answer for me the first time we fought, but the second time, I’m sure he’s going to work on something.”

Prior to their bout last year, Waterhen relayed that he was hoping to keep his fight with Davis standing, and following his unanimous decision over the BJJ black belt, the vet’s strategy hasn’t changed.

“My gameplan always stays the same: always maintain the middle, strike it out, avoid being taken to the ground and out strike the guy,” noted Waterhen. “I expect him to do the opposite.”

“Getting mounted; that’s the number one thing I work on,” added Waterhen, who was largely able to negate the attacks of Davis when their first meeting did hit the ground. “Always escaping from full mount and side control, working endurance...but this time I want to use my reach as much as I can.”

Davis will look to reclaim the welterweight belt in what will be just his second fight since he was hit by a car while cycling in July, 2011. The Newfoundland born, Vancouver resident was forced to the sidelines for 18 months, before making his return against Waterhen at “Stand and Deliver”.

“He had ring rust and especially fighting against me,” said Waterhen. “I might not be the best fighter in the world or the classiest fighter in the world, but I like to come out there and bang it out and hopefully give it my best. It was just kind of bad for him.”

“He just had a bad night with me that first night, but maybe this time it will be his night,” furthered Waterhen.

The victory over Davis returned Waterhen to the winner’s column, following a stoppage loss to UFC vet Falaniko Vitale last July, and added another championship belt to his collection.

“I got into fighting for one reason and that was to keep me out of trouble,” said Waterhen while reflecting on the win and where it ranks in his lengthy career. “I still fight to keep myself out of trouble; it’s not for belts, or get into the limelight...if I wasn’t fighting I’d be dead, in jail, in a hospital, or somewhere else. I honestly do it to just keep me out of trouble and I thank the Lord for it.”

Due to other responsibilities and aspirations in his busy life, however, Waterhen says that he may need to hang up the gloves soon.

“I’ve been campaigning for councillor on my reservation, I’m a full time student and also teaching classes,” said Waterhen, who hopes to become an addictions counsellor once his MMA career is over. “I’m trying to find the time to and work is the number one thing, but this will always be a hobby for me and I’ve been fortunate to get two belts and to fight guys like Garett Davis.”

And in terms of his plans for the Canadian middleweight championship?

“I’d love to defend it as soon as I can,” said Waterhen, who encourages fans attending this Friday’s event to bring items for Edmonton’s Food Bank, which he will ensure get delivered to the organization. “This is probably going to be my last year of fighting, so I’d like to fight as much as I can before my body starts to feel it...I don’t think you’re a true champion until you defend it at least once.”

Tickets for “Monster Smash”, which will be hosted by Edmonton’s Mirage Banquet, can be purchased at the Wild West Shooting Centre or via